The Silver Creative Podcast: Celebrating the Golden Years of Creativity

Welcome to the Silver Creative Podcast, a unique platform that celebrates the fusion of creativity and age. This podcast is proudly hosted by Briyan Frederick, a passionate advocate for aging creatively and continuing to pursue all forms of art.

At, we believe that creativity knows no age limits. It’s with this spirit that we present our podcast, a space where we explore the intersection of age, art, community, and living a fulfilling life. It’s a celebration of the golden years, a testament to the fact that our creative capacity only grows richer and deeper with time.

About our Host

Briyan Frederick, our esteemed host, brings his own experiences as an aging creative to the table. With his engaging style and thoughtful insights, Briyan invites listeners into a world where art and age intertwine beautifully. His passion for various forms of art and his commitment to fostering creative communities make him the perfect guide on this journey of discovery and inspiration.

What to Expect from The Silver Creative Podcast

Each episode of The Silver Creative Podcast delves into the fascinating world of art in its many forms. From painting and sculpture to music and literature, no artistic avenue is left unexplored. We feature interviews with accomplished artists who are thriving in their golden years, offering listeners valuable insights into their creative processes, inspirations, and journeys.

Moreover, we take a close look at the vibrant communities that surround art. We believe that these communities play a vital role in nurturing creativity and providing a supportive environment for artists at any stage of their journey. Our discussions aim to highlight the importance of these communities and inspire our listeners to actively participate in them.

Above all, The Silver Creative Podcast is about living a full and happy life in our golden years. We explore how art can enhance our lives, bring joy, and provide a sense of purpose. Our conversations are infused with positivity, encouraging listeners to embrace their age and continue to pursue their creative passions.

Join the Journey

With The Silver Creative Podcast, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Whether you’re an accomplished artist, an aspiring creative, or someone who simply appreciates art, this podcast has something for you. Tune in to celebrate the golden years of creativity, explore diverse art forms, and be inspired to live your life as golden as the years.

Silver Creative is about creative pursuits after an uncertain age. Briyan Frederick discusses creative work of all kinds through blog, vlog, podcast and printed zine. If you’re interested in building a business, a following, a legacy… or your muse demands an engaging outlet, Get in touch and share your creativity!