Art and prose by Becky Markosian

I like looking at people’s shoes. I’m now at the Salt Lake City airport gazing at the many varieties of shoes.

Tennis shoes are the most common and comfortable-looking. My daughter-in-law has many high heels that she wears even with informal clothes.

Platform shoes with straps and flip-flops that fit just right are a bonus for the women who wear them. They like to coordinate them with their big, huge, colorful bags (purses).

With suits men wear good-looking two-toned loafters. These look quite stylish. Wearing these shoes to his wedding rehearsal dinner ceremony and reception, my nephew and his beautiful bride, Kate, looked like Prince Charming and Cinderella.

Perhaps you’ve heard of “hokas.” They’re cushioned expensive tennis shoes that come in many bright colors and black and white. I love my hokas and wear them every day!





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