SilverCreative.org is for artists who are in their silver years. The website is dedicated to celebrating our creativity and artistic talent, inspiring and motivating such endeavors, providing information about resources on and offline, and more.

You’ll also find articles about things like building and maintaining your website, navigating social media, computer-related how-to’s, running an art gallery, art showing tips, selling art, crafts, tips for musicians, videographers, managing media, artist lifestyles, etc.

SilverCreative profiles creatives with spotlights for all kinds of artistic activity. The Silver Creative Podcast is another way to learn about fellow artists in different fields of exploration.

One of the great things about SilverCreative.org is the sense of community it fosters. Artists can connect with like-minded individuals from around the world, share ideas and tips, and support one another. This community can be especially valuable for those who may feel isolated or overlooked in other areas of their lives. Join our private group on Facebook and start sharing.

Whether you’re a painter, sculptor, writer, musician, crafter, photographer or any other kind of artist, SilverCreative welcomes you to join the community and start sharing your work. With its emphasis on creativity, inspiration, and community, SilverCreative is an ideal platform for artists who are looking to stay engaged and involved in the arts as we age.

Silver Creative is about creative pursuits after an uncertain age. Briyan Frederick discusses creative work of all kinds through blog, vlog, podcast and printed zine. If you’re interested in building a business, a following, a legacy… or your muse demands an engaging outlet, Get in touch and share your creativity!