OneVoice Podcast: A Fresh Take on Aging from Fountain View at Logan Square

In the heart of Philadelphia, a unique initiative is redefining the narrative around aging. The OneVoice podcast, hosted by residents of the Fountain View at Logan Square retirement community, is breaking new ground by offering insightful perspectives on life from the vantage point of experience. Dee Levin, Fran Hunter, and Carol Gehlhaus, along with their life enrichment director, Sarah Jobes, are the creative minds behind this monthly podcast series.

The concept for OneVoice was born out of a desire to showcase the rich tapestry of experiences and wisdom present within the Fountain View community. “The idea was just to show the interesting people that we have at this community,” explains Jobes. The hosts, Levin, Hunter, and Gehlhaus, bring a wealth of backgrounds to the table, from the glamour industry and international marketing to early childhood education.

Each episode of the OneVoice podcast explores various themes, with a recent focus on springtime and its associated traditions. The format encourages a lively exchange of ideas, reminiscent of popular talk shows, but with a distinct twist. “And we go back and forth just like you would do on The View,” Levin shares. While the podcast steers clear of politics, it delves into a wide range of topics, aiming to inspire older adults to embrace new experiences and technologies.

The hosts’ journey into podcasting reflects a broader message about stepping out of one’s comfort zone and finding joy in new endeavors. Gehlhaus admits to initial nerves, but she found her stride once the conversation started. “But once you get talking, you really enjoy it,” she says. Hunter adds, “It’s just fun,” highlighting the sense of enjoyment and fulfillment the project brings to their lives.

The podcast not only serves as a platform for sharing experiences and insights but also fosters a sense of community and positivity among listeners. Levin emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with uplifting individuals, saying, “In life, it’s very important to be with people who are up, who are happy, and who enjoy their life.”

The OneVoice podcast is available on Spotify and through a dedicated tab on the Fountain View at Logan Square’s website. With its engaging content and charismatic hosts, the podcast is a testament to the vibrancy and relevance of older adults in today’s digital age. It challenges societal views on aging and encourages listeners of all ages to appreciate the wisdom and perspective that come with life experience.

For more information on the OneVoice podcast and to tune into the latest episodes, visit the Fountain View at Logan Square website or listen on Spotify.

Fountain View at Logan Square OneVoice Podcast

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