Exploring the Best Book Printing Services: A Comprehensive Guide

In the world of publishing, the right book printing service can significantly impact the final product. A recent online discussion revealed some valuable recommendations for high-quality, cost-effective, and customer-friendly book printing services.

Brigham Young University Press

One top recommendation was Brigham Young University’s family history press. Known for offering archival quality books at reasonable prices, this press has been praised for its excellent customer service. It was suggested that once authors use BYU Press, they often become loyal customers.


Blurb emerged as another popular choice. Notable features include a variety of size and quality options and an InDesign plugin, enhancing its usability for designers. Additionally, a helpful tutorial on using Blurb was highlighted, proving to be a useful resource for new users.

Barnes & Noble Press

Barnes & Noble Press was also suggested as a potential option. It was noted that this service, while often overlooked, could be a promising route to explore for authors seeking a reliable printing service.

Edition One and Puritan Press

Other recommendations included Edition One and Puritan Press. Edition One was praised for its fabulous customer service and beautiful end product. Meanwhile, Puritan Press was recognized for its flexibility with price negotiation and value-added services, such as basic proofing.

FOREVER and Bookmobile

The platform FOREVER came highly recommended for its great printing options and customization choices. A unique feature of FOREVER is that it allows clients to retain photos and PDFs of information in permanent storage, if desired.

Bookmobile was mentioned as a preferred choice for final copies, with positive comments about its customer service, quality, and pricing. The advantages of using Bookmobile over other services for final copies sparked interest.

The variety of book printing services recommended in this discussion showcases the diverse options available to authors today. Factors such as cost, quality, customer service, and additional features can influence the choice of a printing service. These shared experiences provide valuable insights that can guide others in their publishing journeys.





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