“Devils & Demons”: A Reflection of Socio-Political Reality by Mian Ijaz-ul Hassan

Mian Ijaz-ul Hassan, a celebrated and influential artist, continues to break new ground in his recent solo exhibition, “Devils & Demons,” held at Gallery 8 B2, Islamabad. At 85, the artist is far from complacent, using his work to comment on socio-political realities with an innovative approach.

Hassan’s political activism has been a defining element of his life and work, leading to periods of incarceration due to his convictions. His recent works take this activism in a fresh direction, transforming ordinary objects into abstract visuals that speak volumes about societal issues.

The artist uses his smartphone to capture everyday items — a breakfast table, napkins, household objects — and turns these mundane photographs into abstract images. Upon closer examination, these images reveal faces filled with rage, agitated features, and terrifying characters.

These depictions of devils and demons are not random; they reflect the socio-political climate we inhabit. They symbolize how individuals can be demonized or turn into devils over money, power, privilege, and faith. This mirrors Hassan’s earlier works, such as Thah, The Green Revolution, Peace/ Freedom, The Mai Lai Massacre, and The Rifle Butt, which addressed global exploitation.

Hassan’s ability to find artistic inspiration in everyday objects underscores his creative brilliance. He pushes the boundaries of ordinary objects, highlighting relevant societal issues. His work doesn’t just expose these realities—it builds on them through his artistic intervention.

In an interview, Hassan eloquently described his perspective on success: “Success is quite a trite word. It’s like you’ve crossed a certain line…I think that is a better way to describe my success. I am successively successful when I feel that I have done something worthwhile. It is a continuous process.”

His latest work certainly reflects this sentiment, with each piece tying back to reality and making a statement about the world around us.


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