Beatrice Green Interview

What inspires you to create into your senior years?

As a woman artist in my 70s, I am inspired to create by many things. First and foremost, I find that my own life experiences, insights, and perspectives have given me a unique voice and vision as an artist. I am also inspired by the beauty of the world around me, whether it’s the natural landscape or the people and cultures I encounter. Additionally, I find inspiration in the works of other artists, both past and present. Finally, I believe that creating art is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things a person can do, and that motivation alone is enough to keep me going even as I age.

Talk about your most recent work.

My most recent work is a mixed media piece that combines elements of painting, collage, and sculpture. Entitled “Memories of a Lifetime,” the piece is a visual representation of the many experiences, relationships, and emotions that have shaped me over the course of my life.

The central element of the work is a large canvas painted in vibrant colors, which serves as the backdrop for a series of smaller canvases and paper collages layered on top. Each of these smaller elements is a representation of a specific memory or moment in time, such as a family vacation, a special birthday celebration, or a personal triumph.

In addition to the painted and collaged elements, the work also includes a number of sculptural objects, such as found objects and small figurines, which are arranged in three-dimensional vignettes throughout the piece. These objects serve to further enhance the sense of depth and complexity in the work, while also adding a tactile and interactive quality.

Overall, “Memories of a Lifetime” is a deeply personal and introspective work that reflects my life story and artistic vision.

Where do you find support for your work?

I find support for my work in a number of different places. First and foremost, I have a strong support network of family and friends who encourage and inspire me to keep creating. Additionally, I am active in local art communities, attending exhibitions, workshops, and other events where I can connect with other artists and get feedback on my work.

I also find support online, through social media platforms and art-specific websites that allow me to showcase my work, connect with other artists, and receive feedback from people all over the world. Finally, I seek out galleries and other venues where I can exhibit my work and potentially sell it to collectors or art enthusiasts.

In all of these places, I find that the support and encouragement of others is essential to my continued growth and success as an artist.

Describe the world you see in a new and exciting way.

I see the world as a place of infinite beauty, complexity, and possibility. I believe that there is magic in even the most mundane aspects of life, and that the key to unlocking that magic lies in our ability to see the world in a new and exciting way.

For me, this means looking beyond the surface level of things and examining the intricate details and hidden meanings that lie beneath. It means finding inspiration in unexpected places, and approaching even the most ordinary objects with a sense of curiosity and wonder.

I also believe that there is great value in exploring the connections between seemingly disparate elements of the world. By examining the ways in which different aspects of our world intersect and interact with one another, we can gain new insights into the nature of reality and ourselves.

Ultimately, the world I see is one of endless possibility and opportunity for exploration and discovery. It’s a world that rewards those who are willing to look beyond what they already know and see things in a new way.

Describe a surprising intersection between disparate mundane aspects of life you may have stumbled upon while creating a recent work.

I recently stumbled upon a surprising intersection between two seemingly disparate aspects of life while creating a mixed-media sculpture.

The sculpture featured a collection of antique keys arranged in an abstract pattern, with each key painted in bright, bold colors. As I worked on the piece, I began to notice how the keys resembled musical notes, with each color representing a different pitch or tone.

This observation led me to experiment with incorporating sound into the piece, using sensors and software to translate the visual arrangement of the keys into a musical composition. As I continued to work on the sculpture, I found that the combination of visual and auditory elements created a powerful and unexpected connection, with each element enhancing and enriching the other.

This experience taught me that even the most mundane objects can hold hidden meanings and connections, waiting to be discovered by those who are willing to look closely and explore. It also reminded me of the power of experimentation and play in the creative process, and the joy that can come from discovering unexpected intersections between different aspects of our world.

Had you worked with sound before?

I have dabbled in sound art before, but incorporating sound into my recent mixed-media sculpture was a relatively new experience for me. It was a departure from my usual artistic practice, which tends to focus on more traditional visual media like painting and sculpture.

However, I found that working with sound opened up new possibilities for creativity and self-expression. It allowed me to explore the sensory aspects of my work in a whole new way, creating a multisensory experience for viewers that engaged both their eyes and ears.

Overall, while incorporating sound into my work was challenging at times, it was also incredibly rewarding and helped me to push the boundaries of my creative practice in exciting new directions.

List some artists that inspire you and why.

There are many artists who inspire me. Here are a few:

Georgia O’Keeffe – I am inspired by O’Keeffe’s ability to capture the essence and beauty of the natural world in her paintings, and her use of bold lines and colors to create powerful and emotive works.

Louise Bourgeois – I admire Bourgeois’ fearless exploration of difficult emotions and experiences in her art, and her use of personal symbolism and metaphor to convey complex ideas.

Yayoi Kusama – Kusama’s use of repetition and pattern to create immersive and otherworldly installations fascinates me, as does her ability to blend elements of Eastern and Western art traditions in her work.

Kara Walker – Walker’s exploration of race, gender, and power in her powerful and provocative installations challenges me to examine my own assumptions and biases, and her use of historical imagery and narrative adds depth and complexity to her work.

Julie Mehretu – Mehretu’s large-scale abstract paintings and drawings are awe-inspiring in their complexity and layered meaning, blending architectural and cartographic elements with gestural marks and vibrant color.

Each of these artists inspires me in different ways, but all share a commitment to pushing the boundaries of their respective mediums and exploring new and exciting forms of self-expression.

Are there any local Utah artists that also provide inspiration to you?

There are many local artists who provide inspiration to me. One such artist is Andrea Jensen, a painter and mixed media artist based in Salt Lake City. I am drawn to her use of vibrant colors and bold, expressive brushstrokes in her abstract paintings, as well as her incorporation of found objects and natural materials into her work.

Another artist who inspires me is Jiyoun Lee-Lodge, a ceramic artist based in Provo. I am fascinated by the intricate details and organic forms of her hand-built clay sculptures, as well as her use of glazes and surface treatments to create rich, textured surfaces.

Finally, I am inspired by the work of Trent Call, a multimedia artist based in Salt Lake City. His use of pop culture imagery and street art influences in his paintings and murals resonates with me, and I appreciate the way he combines elements of high and low culture to create visually striking and thought-provoking works.

Overall, I am grateful to be part of such a vibrant and diverse artistic community here in Utah, and to have so many talented and inspiring artists to learn from and collaborate with.

Is your age an obstacle to creating art?

Age should not be viewed as an obstacle when it comes to creating art. In fact, many artists continue to create and produce their best work well into their 70s and beyond. As an artist, your age can bring a wealth of life experience, perspective, and artistic expertise that can enhance and enrich your work. Artistic expression is a lifelong journey, and there is no age limit on creativity or inspiration. So keep creating, and let your unique voice be heard through your art!

What words of wisdom would you like to share to the younger generation?

As an artist in your 70s, you have a wealth of experience and wisdom that you can share with the younger generation. Here are some words of wisdom you might want to pass on:

Follow your passion: Pursue what you love and what inspires you. Don’t be afraid to take risks and try new things.

Embrace failure: Don’t let setbacks discourage you. Every artist experiences failures and setbacks, but it’s how you respond to them that matters. Use them as opportunities to learn and grow.

Be persistent: The road to success as an artist is rarely easy. It takes hard work, dedication, and persistence. Keep working at your craft, even when things get tough.

Develop your own voice: Don’t try to copy what others are doing. Find your own unique voice and perspective, and use it to create something truly original.

Stay curious: Keep learning and exploring new ideas and techniques. There is always more to discover and to be inspired by.

Share your work: Don’t be afraid to put your work out there for others to see. Share it with the world and let your art speak for itself.

Remember, age is just a number – it’s never too late to start creating or to keep pursuing your artistic dreams.





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